Q. 1) How do I make sure that you are going to choose the right sound for my music? Different studio rooms, microphones and preamps choices can create different sounds…
A. 1) As soon as you contact us, we’ll ask you to describe your idea of sound and production as best as you can. When applicable, we’ll also ask you to deliver us charts with the arrangement that you foresee for the parts. This is so we can get as close as possible to your own "vision”. If you don’t have a specific direction, we’ll suggest our own: after all, that’s why you hired us! We offer several options of studios with different equipment and engineers with different backgrounds. Although the highest quality is always guaranteed, the more expensive solutions tend to offer a few more choices and are recommended for sessions where multiple instruments need to be recorded simultaneously (i.e. string section, brass ensemble, etc.)

Q. 2) How do I deliver you the files so you can work on it? And how do I get my session back, after you are done?
A. 2) Most of today`s music production is made digitally, especially through Digidesign’s ProTools. Therefore, all the exchanges can happen via Internet. We create a dedicated web page just for you on our server (unlinked to others and password protected), usually named http://sessionrecording.com/YOURNAME where you and us can easily upload and download the songs. Communication happens via email or AIM. When everything is done, you confirm the receipt of the files and we delete your page and the session online. We still keep a local backup here, onto a hard drive or DVD, and we suggest you do the same!

Q. 3) What are the costs? How and when am I required to make payments?
A. 3) Our prices vary substantially, depending on the musicians, the studio and the engineers you choose. All these matters are discussed right after you contact us: based on your ideas and directions, we deliver a budget plan that will include different scenarios, in order to accommodate your artistic needs as well as your pocket. A full payment is required before we book the musicians. No recording will commence until we clear your checks.

Q. 4) Which forms of payment do you accept?

A. 4) If you live in the US, you can send a check or money order to:

14737 Mc Cormick St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411-4031

If you live abroad, a bank wire is the easiest way. Also, you can pay using a major credit card, wherever the service Pay Pal is accepted. You can visit https://www.paypal.com for more detailed information and a list of countries where the service is accepted. It is a simple process: we send you a "money request" email through Pay Pal, and then you follow the steps.

Please note that if you use PayPal we charge a 3 percent commision, while you are required to take care of the bank transfer fees.

Q. 5) Who pays for the shipping of the tracks?
A. 5) As we tend to work exclusively on the web, usually there are really no shipping costs involved, making the exchange considerably faster. If you prefer to have a CD or DVD of the session data, we can send it at the client’s expense.

Q. 6) How long does it take to have one song done?
A. 6) Depending on the size of your project, the full process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days to up to 3 weeks. The variables to consider are the musicians` schedules and studio availability, as well as the time required to discuss the project, approve the budget and clear the payment. These times may vary according to the kind of production required, and are related to work delivered through the Internet. Allow additional time for delivery through regular mail.

Q. 7) Who owns the masters?
A. 7) The client owns the masters . We clear all the musician’s performances for you and will send you an industry standard “waiver” signed by the musicians. The Waiver is the legal proof of the musician performance, as well as the musician’s release of any rights on the performance provided.

Q. 8) What Audio formats do you support?
A. 8) We support Aiff, Sound Designer II or .Wav at 44.1 or 48 kHz at 24 or 16 bit files. We recommend delivering your session in Pro Tools, but other audio software is also allowed. We will only upload sessions in Pro Tools. For other platforms, we deliver consolidated individual files of all the performances, easy for you to import and line up in your original session.

Q. 9) Can I use the songs you did, put them on a CD and sell it?
A. 9) Yes. However credits for musicians, engineers and studios are mandatory as industry standards. In the event that you ask us to record three or more instruments, and no fully written arrangement of the song is provided, we will request an additional credit that shall read: “co-produced by SessionRecordings.com.”

Q. 10) What happens if I am not fully satisfied of the final result? Will I get my money back?
A. 10) In general, we try and accommodate all your musical requests in advance, but due to the way we work – which involves external studios and musicians - we can NOT refund any fee: if we did, the risk would be too high and we would go out of business.

Q. 11) I like the overall sound, clear and defined, but when I compare the drums sound to the one from a record I like, it’s kind of dry…
A. 11) That is because we leave the mixing up to you. We generally record the drums dry, with very moderate EQ and compression, so you have more freedom to EQ the single pieces, compress those and use ambience in different ways when you mix. However, if previously discussed, we can manipulate the sounds more, in order to match your taste. We do offer mixing packages with top-notch engineers, though: if you are interested, please contact us to get an estimate.

Q. 12) Do you also work with full bands, or only one instrument at the time?
A. 12) You can actually select your dream band from our roster of musicians, and we can record the session live, if everyone is available. Please keep in mind that larger recording facilities are needed for this option.