Here’s how our service works:

1) You contact us by sending an email to
In the email include:

a) What kind of service is needed (i.e. recording drums, string arrangement etc.).
b) The musician/s you chose, from our "musicians" roster page, to play on the recording.
c) An mp3 of the song/s or “song idea” that needs to be recorded (optional).
d) A short description of the type of production envisioned.

Please read the following example:
My name is Joe Smith and I am a music producer from Atlanta, GA. I would like to book a recording session for 3 songs I am currently working on.
The drummer I selected is Vinnie Colaiuta, second choice is Curt Bisquera, third Greg Bissonette.
I am including a demo mp3 of the 3 songs in discussion, I used preproduction midi drums, so you can understand the direction I am going for.
In particular on songs 1 and 2 I would like a straight-ahead groove and a rock sound, similar to Led Zeppelin’s “Cashmire”. For song 3 I need a lighter sound. Something pop and ballad-like, similar to Sting’s “Fields Of Gold.” Please get back to me with a budget estimate and a time frame.
Joe Smith.

2) Based on your requests and descriptions, we contact the musicians directly (in order of preference), as well as studios and engineers.( If any ofof the desired musicians are available, we will suggest some alternate names that could fit the style described in your email.)

3) Our staff will get back to you with a budget proposal, within a week from your initial email. The budget will iclude the rates for the musicians, the studio chosen, the engineer and our fees. When possible,we will suggest a few different options which could lower your bill. We will be available to fully discuss all p details and options, via internet.

4) Once all answers are satisfied and the budget isapproved, we ask you for the full payment of the recording session, to be made via Pay Pal or by check or money order.

5) At this point, we set up a simple, personalized web page (password protected,) where you can upload and download the music files.

6) When the reference session is uploaded and the payment is cleared, we book the studio and the players, and start producing the session.

7) Once we complete the recording, we upload the full session on the personalized page, then follow up with an email to you. Upon confirmation that all tracks have been received, we fax or e-mail you an invoice and a copy of the musicians waiver (legal proof of the performance), and the deal is closed.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page at and please do not hesitate to contact us at, if your have any additional questions.